What they’re saying about me, in front of my back.

“Greg Eno defines professionalism. Greg is always on top of things and is a nice guy on top of it!”

–Pro wrestler, actor, movie producer, reality TV star Matt Riviera, on my work as one of his publicists


“I hired Greg because he understands what I am looking for, he knows how to do…what I need, and he has a drive to get the work done and done right. I hope this is not just a short term relationship but long term.”

–Shannon Rose, president, Eclectic Media Productions, on why he hired me as assistant publicist


“I’ve had the pleasure to work for Greg as my editor both at Motor City Sports Magazine and SET (Sports & Entertainment Today). Creative, whipsmart, supportive yet firm — expects his deadlines will be met, and inspires high-quality product. Working for him has made me a better writer. I’d gladly jump at the chance to work for him in the future.”

–Kimberly Gadette, writer/author


” I have read Greg Eno’s work for several years now, and I have been impressed by his lively writing style and his enterprise. For several years he made the Motor City Sports Magazine exist, undoubtedly much longer than it should have. He achieved that with his ideas and his resourcefulness.

Frankly, as a longtime Detroit sports columnist, and onetime stringer for SI — with several bylined articles — I believe he is well-qualified to write for a magazine of Sports Illustrated’s prestige.”

–Jerry Green, longtime sports columnist for the Detroit News, in a letter to Sports Illustrated on my behalf.


“Eno is a true sports historian, a writer who believes each sport has a heritage of its own; and he does a great job of introducing fans to the traditions and history each of our pro teams has to offer. But he also has an admirable sarcastic side. Most times he combines the two and the results are typically brilliant.”

–From Abel to Yzerman, one of Detroit’s most popular hockey websites, about me and my “Out of Bounds” sports blog


“Greg is a very helpful editor who is patient and who taught me a lot.”

–Freelance writer Molly Lauryssens, after working with me at SET Magazine as a contributor.


“Detroit sports fans should be reading ‘Out of Bounds’ pretty much every day.”

–Detroit sports blogger Rob Visconti, a.k.a. The Bleacher Guy, about my daily sports blog


“Nice story. You took a sporting event and humanized it and connected me on an emotional level, which isn’t always easy to do…I’ll make sure to monitor the result of tonight’s game and Dontrelle’s performance just because of your story. Kudos.”

– Joe Yanarella
Bleacher Report, on this story I wrote about Tigers pitcher Dontrelle Willis


“Greg…this is baseball writing at its best.”

Andrew Godfrey, contributor, Bleacher Report, on my Dontrelle Willis piece


I love your stuff, and I am slowly wrapping my brain around the concepts that you employ. I try my best to meld disparate styles in my own writing…now I’m trying to master the Greg Eno “distill to its essence, then accentuate with colorful metaphor” action.

–Bleacher Report contributor Leroy Watson